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    Share Boating

    Share Boating originated within the Institute of Commercial Education of New Zealand. The institute has offered education and training to local and international students for over 20 years. Founded by Wayne Huang, he is the Rear Commodore of Bucklands Beach Yacht Club, the first Asian Rear Commodore in New Zealand. He is well known for his service to business, sport and engagement of the community.


    Share Boating is a professional digital organisation which integrates media capabilities across the range of yachting activities. From talent training and education, elite sports agent, event planning, marine related tourism projects via VT technology and platforms. Currently, we have a very strong penetration across a variety of local and international yachting segments.


    This is the first digital platform for the yachting industry in New Zealand. It offers the capability for sharing stories and value-added services and yachting management. The studio was the inspiration and collaboration of long-standing educational expertise, professionals in the yachting industry and a world renowned yacht club.


    By integrating the core elements of boating as a recreation, a sport and an enterprise, the Studio offers a unique, informative and entertaining platform for a fun and educational journey into the thrills and excitement of yachting and boating, functions of the yachting supply chain and exploring the success secrets behinds New Zealand’s Olympic sailing and America’s Cup winning teams.


  • Team

    Wayne Huang


    Wayne Huang: Founder and principal of sailing New Zealand Studio, a subsidiary of the Institute of Commercial Education of New Zealand, and graduated with MCom Honours from the University of Auckland. In 2019 he became the first Rear Commodore of Asian decent in the history of yachting in New Zealand at Bucklands Beach Yacht Club (BBYC), the second largest club in the country.



    Andrew Laing

    Business Development Manager

    Liaison and Business Executive, Executive Assistant to CEO. He is also the chairman of the Eastern Auckland Tourism and a member of the Rotary Club of Half Moon Bay. He graduated from the University of Auckland in business admin and marketing. He has a deep understanding of customer needs and the community and the importance of relationship development. He was a Business Manager for a national travel agency and a consultant for New Zealand's best travel brands.



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    Auckland Tourism Team

    The future of tourism in East Auckland
    ATEED: Showing off the best of east Auckland

    Heritage listing may safeguard Stockade views

    Bruce Kendall

    Chief Consultant

    Two-time Olympic sailing champion for New Zealand, Auckland Council local board member for Howick, the President of the New Zealand Sailboarding Association (1984-85), has international certification, own intellectual property patents, and a world-class windsurfing designer. He was coach of the Olympic National Windsurfing Team of Hong Kong and coach for Olympic gold and silver medalists Barbara Kendall and Nikos Kaklamankas.



    New Zealand's Greatest Olympians - Number 18: Bruce Kendall


    Charles Johnston

    Chief Research Offier

    A well-known cultural tourism management scholar, Chinese and Western cultural tourism industry management expert, author of a high-level academic paper on the America’s Cup-"Winners and Losers Auckland's America's cup" 2000).



    Winners and losers: Auckland's America's Cup 2000

    Ken Davie

    Service Coordinator​

    Ken has served in the New Zealand Army (Artillery, Infantry, Special Forces, the Artillery Army Band) for more than 50 years and was a member of the Global Police Trainer Group. After retiring he has been devoted to the education industry. He has hosted and acted as a guardian for many hundreds of overseas students. Ken is held in high regard by students and schools he worked for, in particular for his superior people management, communication and customer service. He worked for the Institute of Commercial Education as Service Co-ordinator for 5 years and is highly recommended to every client. Ken is now the Service Coordinator for the Sailing New Zealand Studio.

    Larry Keating

    Service Coordinator​

    Mr Larry Keating a very well-known yachting commentator, America’s Cup aficionado, sailor and filmmaker, Larry is our senior advisor. His is producer of mainly films, his latest One Outstanding about Sir Peter Blake was released in December 2020

  • Opportunity and Challenge

    New Zealand Tourism Market Trend

    According to Statistics New Zealand, the top five sources of international tourists to New Zealand are Australia, China, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Japan. In the above five countries, the yachting industries in Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America are mature and well established whereas in China and Japan the industry is fast emerging and booming. New Zealand's yachting industry offers a unique position as a leader in the international market and this expertise and innovation are of great appeal to these Asian markets.


    Market opportunity and industry leadership

    New Zealand's yachting industry is a global leader. Yachting across the board is an important core of the New Zealand culture spanning many generations.


    The America’s Cup Regatta is one of four of the world’s most prestigious sporting events. In March 2021, the America’s Cup Regatta will be held in Auckland, New Zealand as holders of the America’s Cup. Auckland is "the city with the highest per capita ownership of yachts globally" and has the reputation of being "the City of Sails".


    At present, New Zealand urgently needs to grasp the concept of what world-class events can offer the tourism sector and the economy. There is a unique opportunity to host such events, further promote yachting and youth training and make the yachting experience an important cultural label of New Zealand.

    Digital technology

    According to statistics from Deloitte, one of the four major international accounting firms, Airbnb has achieved great results in the New Zealand market. At the same time, China's "Didi Dache" has also achieved great results and will also enter the New Zealand market by the end of 2020. It can be seen that digital intelligent fulfillment services (websites, APPs) have become a primary means of optimizing people's lives and industry successes.


    Whilst New Zealand’s yachting industry is advanced there exists a unique opportunity in this digital fulfillment space for the industry. Urgent adoption of an intelligent digital service is required to improve service quality, experience and upgrade the industry.

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